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A city full of architectural gems.

Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. The city couldn’t be missing from our list as it is a place full of architectural gems.

This beautiful city brings three countries together, Switzerland, France and Germany, and here you will find yourself wandering between the old and the new. 

The old city centre is mostly pedestrianized, with the majority of the buildings very well preserved. As in every central-European city the Cathedral, Basler Munster has a very distinctive presence next to the river, offering amazing views over the city.

Being the base of the famous Architect duo, Herzog & de Meuron, the city is also home to quite a few of their buildings. What surprised me the most, was their high level of design quality. The city serves them well, and they serve their city well in return.

Basel is the base for a lot of major Swiss pharmaceutical companies, which have also played and continue to play a vital role in how the modern cityscape is shaped. The campuses of Novartis and Roche are located in two different parts of the city and are both hubs of architectural interest, with buildings designed by globally renawned architects.

I could talk about Basel architecture for hours. I could walk around the streets with the Art nouveau residences for even longer. This city is telling a story. Will you listen?