South Africa

A country that will always have a place in your heart.

Played an essential part of modern history, a place where the Western civilisation co-exists with the African. The country's geography is such, that you will choose the climate you like, from the dry Kalahari Desert, the humid, subtropical Durban to the mediterranean one of the Western Cape.

The day starts with a cup of locally sourced red Rooibos tea, hot or cold-brewed, while you plan the day's adventures.

Kruger Park is one Africa's largest game reserves and definitely one the places to visit. You enter the park early in the morning, before sunrise, in order to  see the animals that avoid the hot sun during the day. You may be lucky to find yourself in the middle of an action packed hunting scene. The beauty of nature will make you feel so small in such an environment, where the strongest or fastest survives. This is where you witness the circle of life.

Outside the Park, the African countryside is full of villages and settlements. People are kind and smile at you at the first chance. What else do you need? After the sunset you will find many places where a fire is lit and a meat feast cooking. Vegetarians might struggle finding a dish, but there will be something for their taste in the end!

The Western Cape is large enough to spend most of your time exploring the beauties of the green scenery surrounded by mountains. The world-renowned Wine District mustn’t be missed. Wonder around the endless vineyards and stop for a wine tasting session during the gorgeous sunset.

In coastal Hermanus you will walk along the rocky seaside and watch the whales breaching in the ocean. An hour's drive from the town you can hop on boat and if you are lucky enough, cage dive next to a Great White shark!

On your way to the Cape of Good Hope make a stop at Boulders Beach to walk next to the African penguins. The route to the tip of the peninsula is unique, especially when you know that you are getting closer and closer to one of the most southern points of Africa. (The real southern point of the continent is Cape Agulhas, on the east of Hermanus) Reaching the end of the trail, you will see the lighthouse. On the one side of the peninsula the sea is calm as a lake, on the other side however, very wavy. This is when you realise why this rocky tip of land is so famous.

Cape Town is a city where you want to let loose and take it all in. Rich in history, with the memories of the Apartheid's tough times still alive, the city of the Table Mountain offers you a plethora of images, sounds and experiences that will stay with you a lifetime. British and dutch elements form a European-like urban landscape starting from the coastline, reaching the base of the hills and mountains. Live the most magical moment of the day, by climbing up to one of the crests to watch the sunrise. Gorgeous minimal and industrial style coffee shops and restaurants are all over the city. Little shops of independent fashion and furniture designers are also a must visit. 

Twenty days, three thousand photos. South Africa, I’ll be back.